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HELP SUPPORT THE Red Cross Harvey Hurricane victims!


October is Breast Cancer Help support Breast Cancer buying some limited-edition Breast Cancer socks or others socks of from now -  October 31.


Sokguru wants to Paint the World Pink with you!!!! This month, Sokguru’s campaign will support breast cancer research. We have partnered with one of our manufacturers to produce a limited number of socks with unique styles saying things like: "Think Pink", "Fight Like a Girl", "Pink Power", "Hope Cure" and more.

These will be available on Sokguru’s website, retail stores, school, and bowling pro-shops for purchase. We will be donating 20% - 50% to the Pay it  Forward Fund.

These socks will be available on our website starting September 26, 2017. Please note that right now we only have limited quantity get them while they last!!!!!



Doing the right thing is always the right thing, that is what Sokguru is doing, buy some socks and help great people do great things.