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About Us:
As a company, one thing we witness is the idea that people struggle with expressing themselves due to trying to follow a "trend." When trying to follow a trend, we notice that peoples individualities are not shown. Sokguru is here to help people express and become the best version of themselves. We do that by allowing people to pick from designs that are unique and colorful.

Current Project:
We are working with Charity Water to bring cleaner water to more people around the world.

Organizations We Have Worked With:

We have worked with JDRF, The United States Bowling Congress of Minnesota, local Animal Shelters in Minnesota, Olsen Middle School and many more.

Send us an email at sales@sokguru.com to sign up and do a fundraising program with us. You will receive 40% from your fundraiser's total sale.
We give you the tools to have a hit of a fundraiser for more info email us at: sales@sokguru.com.